Who Is Jenna?

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Hello internet, at first I was reluctant to start a blog for my art website for several reasons. The main reason being most art blogs I have visited were videos on how to. Example: How to paint cherry blossoms or How to paint a portrait. Very helpful videos on how to paint and their technique. I’m always in awe of how brilliant these artists are and love watching their videos but I’m not able to do anything like that. Being a self-taught artist I don’t know how to point out my technique or how to’s. Also, I don’t really know how to blog. So I will be learning as I go.
I think I wanted to start this blog to let my clients, future clients and whoever know more behind my work. Who is Jenna and why does she paint the way she does. In shows, I get asked all the time what inspires me or tell me about this painting. All questions I love to hear but feel I have so much to say about this story this emotion I placed on canvas and not enough time to explain it. I also get a lot of questions about my personal life. So I hope this blog allows me to put myself out there to connect better with my viewers and my art.
About my work, painting is an escaped emotion for me. I paint in vibrant colors, every color expresses a different emotion. I remember one time when I was small I got whiplash and I asked the person next to me if my neck was green. They laughed and said no but I was upset and was absolutely sure my neck was indeed green. That’s because I associate pain with the color green. Even with the simple tasks as giving flowers, the color of the flowers has its importance to me. Like yellow roses, something I give to say farewell, you are missed and loved. I use the color red in my paintings to express a higher energy feel, good or bad. Like in excitement, passion or anxiety.
In my paintings, I like using these colors and tying them in with body language to express my emotions or tell a story. I had no friends when I was younger and so I loved to watch all the other people around me. I always watched their body language trying to see if I can tell how they were feeling. If they were scared, nervous, happy… after a few years I got pretty good at reading people.
I feel the purpose of my art is to invoke powerful emotions with body language and color, to embrace all emotions, learn from them and grow from them.

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