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Jenna Garcia is an abstract figure expressionist painter. The self taught artist was born 1982 Phoenix Arizona where she now lives with her wife and their two daughters. Her artist process began at the age of 16 when she discovered her love to paint. Inspired by a famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and all time legend Andy Warhol, Jenna painted her first painting titled ‘SHE’ a monochromatic blue nude figurative piece which remains in the artists private collection today. A painting done at such a rebellious time in her life, Jenna did not paint again until her early adult years in 2003 and invested in herself as a full time artist in 2015. Her painting ‘SHE’ gave birth to Jenna’s art business She Collections, selling vibrant abstract figurative work.

You can follow her daily posts on social media accounts listed below.

Facebook: She Collections Art
Instagram: @She_Collections_Art

SHE 24×19″ oil on canvas   
“She was inspired, She found passion. Her soul could finally sing! She finally had what she most desired, She was free.” –Jenna Garcia

About the Author


Artist Statement: “I love the body’s ability to express so much without saying a word. Passion, desire, confidence, and even pain. I use vibrant colors to help evoke those powerful emotions.”

-Jenna Garcia